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Walrus - Resting

Material: stone, green

Dimensions: H. 3in. W. 6in.

Carver's residence: Lake Harbour

Dreaming of a Bear Hunt

2-sided sculpture

Material: stone

Dimensions: H. 4.5in. W. 7.5in.

Carver's residence: Inukjuak

Seal with Human Face (Sedna?)

Material: stone, black

Dimensions: L. 9in. H. 2.5in.

Carver's residence: Arviat, Keewatin, Canada

Transformation (Sedna/Animal's Head)

Material: stone

Dimensions: H. 4in. W. 9in.

Carver's residence: Unknown

Artic Squirrel

Material: stone, brownish in color

Dimensions: L. 13in. H. 4.5in.

Carver's residence: Baker Lake, Keewatin, Canada

Shaman Spirit Faces

Material: stone, mottled black and yellow

Dimensions: L. 11in. H. 5in.

Carver's residence: Cape Dorset

Owl with Seal

Material: Gorden Bay marble, white

Dimensions: L. 7in. H. 12.5in.

Carver's residence: Cape Dorset, Baffin Island, Canada

Two-Sided Relief

Material: stone, black

Dimensions: L. 8in. H. 6in.

Carver's residence: unknown